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Eventbrite Calendar

by Tom Parker-Shemilt <>

Eventbrite lets you list your tickets, but it doesn't let you automagically export events to a calendar. This app fixes that.

  1. Click "Login to Eventbrite" below, and go through the authorisation steps
  2. You'll get redirected to an iCal link. This can be then added to your calendar. e.g. you can use the "Add by URL" in Google Calendar
Login to Eventbrite
Privacy policy: there's no database behind here. I don't store any user data, it's all in your HTTP(s) requests. If you lose the end URL (which has the only really useful bit of data - your OAuth token), you'll have to come back to the front page to make a new one, as I don't store it. If you don't believe me, RTFS.